This project brings together 13 academic and industrial partners (French and foreign) to improve the understanding of the hydrodynamic processes occurring in Alderney Race. They focuse on the impacts of sea states and extreme events on the tidal stream energy estimate.



with: A-C. Bennis, D. Mouazé, N. Abcha, S. Lesourd, L. Benoit, L. Perez and S. Haquin.

with: Y. Méar, E. Poizot, C. Marion and H. Gualous

with: P. Bailly du Bois

with: A. Sentchev and E. Lécyer

with: L. Marié, F. Ardhuin and P. Sutherland

with: C. Lathuillère, F. Dumas, F. Leckler, R. Baraille and S. Desmare

with: J-F. Filipot and K. Cayocca

with: D. Conley

with: L. Wyatt

with: P. Flament

with: C. Goeury, J. Laverne et C. Bodel

with: T. Marzin, C. Delafosse et C. Auvray

with: A. Good and B. Richaud

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